(ISC)2 SecureZürich Conference 2015

Zerberos hat an der SecureZürich Conference 2015 in Dübendorf teilgenommen.

Interessante Begegnungen und Vorträge haben zu einem gelungenen Tag beigetragen.

  • Keynote Address: Changing Approach to Security: A Pro-active Approach to the Adversary
    Tracy Varnum

    Strategic Manager, HP Enterprise Security Services, EMEA
  • S1: Secure the Breach – Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be
    Pius Graf
    Regional Director, Gemalto SafeNet
  • S2: Defending Against Phishing Attacks: Case Studies and Human Defenses
    Jim Hansen
    Executive Vice President, PhishMe
  • S3: Digital Forensics, from floppies to the Cloud: Can Darwin win the game of digital evolution?
    Bruno Kerouanton
    CISO, Canton and Republic of Jura
  • S4: IT Security KPIs
    Matthias Muhlert
    Vice President, UniCredit Bank AG
  • (ISC)2 Chapter Switzerland and Safe & Secure Online Update
    Kelly Richdale,
    Secretary, (ISC)2 Chapter Switzerland
    Eric Vogt, CTO, Leiter Technik, 1solution AG
  • S5: Global Workforce Study 2015
    Rüdiger Rissmann
    President, (ISC)2 Chapter Switzerland
  • S6: The Hunt for Patient Zero
    Sarah Swatman
    Principal Consultant, Guidance Software
  • S7: The Impact of Industry 4.0 on Risk Analytics
    Dr. Ralf Mock

    Lecturer, Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW/Institute of Applied Information Technology InIT
  • S8: Legal Aspects of IT-Security
    Prof. Ursula Sury

    Professor and Lawyer, Die Advokatur Sury AG
  • Panel Discussion: „Today’s Hot Topics and Burning Questions“
    Moderator: Kelly Richdale
    Panelists: Tracy Varnum, Sarah Swatman, Bruno Kerouanton and Prof. Ursula Sury

Gerne sind wir auch 2016 wieder dabei!